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Emotional Wealth Creation

This 12 week personalized 1:1 hybrid experience is for entrepreneurs, motivated individuals, and those navigating change or launching a new business or lifestyle.


To take full advantage of the course, HRV monitoring is required.


With this course, you’ll get the following:


  • Bespoke personalised 1:1 sessions

  • Weekday ON DEMAND support assessment

  • 360-degree feedback -Tailored values alignment

  • Audio exercises

  • Exacting progression


In Person Therapy Sessions


Seek in-person, face-to-face support conveniently located just 1 hour from Geneva (not available online).


Don’t hesitate to contact me by email for more details or to discuss community pricing and pro bono sessions.


Price provided upon application.

6 Weeks of Conscious Change


Level up your ability to process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Create the life you want, built on your values, desires, and talents, all through the power of Sophrology.


Ready to change your behaviour for the better?


Learn more about this comprehensive 6-week online course by clicking below


The Conscious Change Method™


Want to learn more about the Conscious Change Method and its benefits before signing up for a full session?


Discover the Conscious Change Method™ by purchasing my book. 


Get in Touch

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