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What is the Conscious Change Method™?

Through years of client facing experience and research, I’ve developed a signature approach to give leaders, business, organizations, and individuals the tools to lead at their full potential. 


As high achievers, we’re under constant pressure to be our best selves. We struggle knowing that we have so much more to show the world, yet we’re burnt out, stressed, full of anxiety, or feel blocked but can’t quite figure out why.  


The Conscious Change Method ™ combines Psychology, Sophrology (a clinically proven relaxation therapy) and powerful mind/body connection techniques within an accountability framework, to help leaders harness their inner power. 


You’ll learn movement, visualization and breath control techniques that can help you clear your mind and take control in any environment. 


These techniques work quickly to provide relaxation, boost your energy, and rid your mind of anxiety and doubts. Even when you only have a few moments before a big meeting or speaking event, these methods are incredibly effective! 

Our Unique Approach 


This salutogenic clinic is the ONLY practice in the world to pair the powerful breath and relaxation techniques of Sophrology with Performance Psychology and coaching - creating the personal transformation journey of The Conscious Change Method ™. 


Through breathwork, you can learn how to control your breathing and use salutogenetic approaches to tap into your body's natural ability to heal and release stress.


Performance psychology helps you develop mental awareness, resilience, and a positive mindset, enabling you to perform at your best - both personally and professionally.


While coaching can provide you with personalized guidance, accountability, and support to help you achieve your goals and create the life you truly desire.


This unique blend of methods creates a shift in consciousness and perspective that alters behaviour and delivers transformational results.


Every person’s journey to a better version of themselves is unique. With that in mind, I’ve created three different therapy packages tailored to your needs.


My premium online support allows me to work closely with a limited number of hand-selected clients. I would love to discuss your situation and explore your readiness for this work. 


I also offer local community-based pricing, partially funded by my premium services. In addition, 10% of profit is tithed to altitude mission, registered charity number 1186536.


Take a look at my offerings to find the right treatment package!

The Details

60 Minutes of Consultation

60 Days of Transformation


This 60-day personalized 1:1 intensive experience is for entrepreneurs, motivated individuals, and those navigating change or launching a new business or lifestyle.


To take full advantage of the course, HRV monitoring is required.


With this course, you’ll get the following:


  • Bespoke online weekly sessions

  • Weekday ON DEMAND support assessment

  • 360-degree feedback -Tailored values alignment

  • Audio exercises

  • Exacting progression


6 Months of Intensive Coaching

Take your leadership abilities and life to a new level with this 6-month course!


This coaching course for transition, growth, burnout, or promotion imparts lifelong skills and new frameworks for you to use to pursue and define success. 


During this course, you’ll get the following:


  • Initial assessment

  • Monthly 1:1 sessions

  • Weekly on-demand support

  • Ongoing assessment and values alignment

  • 360-degree feedback

  • Tailored coaching

  • Audio exercises

  • Meticulous accountability.

In Person Therapy Sessions


Seek in-person, face-to-face support conveniently located just 1 hour from Geneva (not available online).


Don’t hesitate to contact me by email for more details or to discuss community pricing and pro bono sessions.


Price provided upon application.


6 Weeks of Conscious Change


Level up your ability to process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Create the life you want, built on your values, desires, and talents, all through the power of Sophrology.


Ready to change your behaviour for the better?


Learn more about this comprehensive 6-week online course by clicking below

The Conscious Change Method™


Want to learn more about the Conscious Change Method and its benefits before signing up for a full session?


Discover the Conscious Change Method™ by purchasing my book. 


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