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6 Weeks of Conscious Change

Have you created a life you really want or one you need to take a holiday from?

Did you think you were bionic? Unstoppable? Hard as nails? But now you can’t maintain it?

Does your dazzling success look enviable but it feels like you are pushing water up a hill to maintain the status quo?

Was your energy limitless but now you need to push so hard to keep going you think might reach breaking point?

Do you fall asleep exhausted but wake up at 3am with racing thoughts and a busy mind?

Is your body showing signs of stress? Recurring illnesses? Inflammation? Weight gain? Joint issues? Injuries that won’t heal?

Are you short tempered? Are your relationships getting harder? Are work colleagues or teenage kids becoming impossible to deal with? 

Have you benefitted from a corporate coach, a business mentor or a therapist but still aren't living the life you want?


6 Weeks of Conscious Change IS the solution you have been searching for.

“The method helps me stay aware of my emotions, making conscious daily choices about how I want to feel and creating actions and responses that are in line with my desires. I’m no longer just responding to people and situations with a subconscious “knee jerk” reaction. I’m aware of myself, can see situations clearly and choose to respond or react in a way that gets what I want. I’m also aware of my body, mind and breath and can relax, manage my energy and sleep better than I have done in years. I’m a nicer, more present dad and husband and can switch off from work and actually enjoy my success” Robert Richards, 49, Lawyer, CEO and father of 3 teens.

Step into freedom, peace, joy, self fulfillment, true identity, wellbeing, emotional wealth, authentic strengths, personal agency, conscious choice and harmonious relationships. 

Are you ready to liberate yourself from the shackles of habitual subconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviour?

What happens in the 6 Weeks of Conscious Change?


Using a combination of  theory development sessions, online teaching videos, practice audios, journalling and somatic mind/body movement demonstrations you will journey through 6 modules of conscious change.



1. Feel it: Become aware of how you actually feel right now.


2. Want it: Find peace and contentment where you are. Want what you have and stay present. 


3. Shift it: Get out of your head, into your body and activate your five senses 


4. Release it: What can you control? Let go of what you can’t.


5. Align it: Find your true desires. How do you want to feel?


6. Energize it: Become aware of your energy, spend it, save it and generate it, physically mentally and emotionally. 

With deeply intentional practical exercises and carefully curated theory, you will create conscious change in your thoughts, feelings and emotions. The impact on your words, actions and behaviour takes you to the next level of living a conscious life. 


From entrepreneurs, business owners and burned out freelancers to ambitious creatives, professionals and CEOs, the Conscious Change Method transforms thoughts, feelings and emotions and creates conscious improvements physically, mentally and emotionally. 


Are you ready to experience this unique opportunity?

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