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60 Days of Transformation

A personalized programme designed to support you to create change across your thoughts, feelings and emotions, which impact your words, actions and behaviour.


  • Do you feel like you just need more hours in the day?

  • Are you avoiding vulnerability but not connecting to your true self or others?

  • Have you got a desire to increase your performance physically, mentally, or emotionally and would like more energy and confidence?

  • Are you dealing with the same kinds of problems over and over again in your relationships?

  • Do you react to situations and on reflection think there may have been a better way?

  • Are you experiencing intense emotional reactions with no context?



You don’t have to continue pushing, grinding and forcing yourself to maintain your performance. 

There is no quick fix to becoming more conscious, but if you are reading this, you are already on the way to higher consciousness.


In the 60 day programme you will become more aware, present and observant, and let go of the thoughts and actions that don’t lead to what you want.


What happens in the programme?

When we work together we use a blended but intensive method of psychology, sophrology. biohacking and coaching.


Work includes physical exercises, effort tracking, journaling, health data monitoring (HRV, RHR, sleep and respiratory rate), meditation and visualisation to create a new way of being that works for you.


Using The Conscious Change Method™ you are fully supported to create structure around your choices which generates real change.


In 60 days you will have access to tangible results, with immpecable accountability and outstanding support.


Are you ready to step into true consciousness?

How Is it Structured?


Your 60 Days of Transformation is normally structured as follows, depending on your demands:

  • Over 30 hours of personalised support on demand (your choice of combinations of video, zoom, voxer, phone or other*)

  • Emotional benchmarking

  • Individualized mediation, visualisation and focus audio tracks

  • Daily analysis of heath metrics and sleep tracking (weight management can be included)

  • Tailored biohacking programme

  • Unlimited email support


*personalisation is extensive to accommodate UHNW clients travel schedule, lifestyle demands and competing priorities.

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