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Happiness is not a destination, it's a conscious, daily choice! 

For Leaders, Businesses, and Individuals Who Want To Achieve More


Unlock Your Peak Potential

As a conscious individual, you know the challenges that come along with trying to make your impact in the world.


Stress, burnout, overwhelm, self-doubt, lack of energy, anxiety, etc. 


You know that you have so much more potential, yet you feel like you can’t quite get “there.” 


Sound familiar?

Meet Lindsey

Psychologist, Sophrologist, Human Performance Specialist

I help individuals go from overwhelmed, stressed, and stuck, to living and leading at their full potential - consciously. 


Through years of experience and research, I’ve developed my signature approach called The Conscious Change Method™. 


This unique approach combines powerful relaxation, breathwork, biohacking and performance enhancing techniques to help you overcome the blocks that are stopping you from becoming the person you were born to be. 


It’s my mission to help you lead and live at your highest potential.


Discover powerful mind-body techniques that will allow you to...

Increase your focus, energy, motivation and confidence

Feel more present in the moment 

Minimize stress, distractions, anxiety, and overwhelm 

Perform better physically, mentally, and emotionally 

Improve your work-life balance, sleeping habits and health

Work Together

6 Weeks of Conscious Change

Level up your ability to process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Create the life you want, built on your values, desires, and talents, all through the power of Sophrology.

12 Weeks of Emotional Wealth Creation

This 12 week personalized 1:1 hybrid experience is for entrepreneurs, motivated individuals, and those navigating change or launching a new business or lifestyle.

60 Minutes of Consultation

An opportunity for us to catch up and connect face to face and see if we have the shared energy and rapport to create conscious change. A successful relationship is required to achieve the transformation you want.

In-Person Therapy Sessions

Seek in-person, face-to-face support conveniently located just 40km from Geneva

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